#ThrowbackThursday: 1983 Volkswagen Full Range Brochure

You never really know how much you’ve got until you’ve moved.  Recently our East Coast office did just that, discovering hundreds of brochures and press kits from years gone by.  Rather than discard them, we’ve decided that it would be best to preserve all of this literature by uploading it directly to our galleries for all to see, and feature on Thursdays in a special throwback piece.  This week we’re going back to 1983.


This particular brochure includes everything that Volkswagen of America offered in 1983, from the base Rabbit all the way to the Vanagon Camper.  Dedicating a solid paragraph to each model, you couldn’t exactly call the brochure in-depth, but it does give a concise summary of each vehicle.  Unfortunately as a byproduct of it’s briefness, color offerings were not included.  Check out the full brochure in our gallery below, and keep an eye out for more #ThrowbackThursday posts in the coming weeks.