Valentino Balboni Reveals Titanium Pipes for Aventador SVJ

Lamborghini’s legendary test driver, Valentino Balboni, may have retired. But that doesn’t mean he’s spending his days on the golf course, or playing bridge. Well, ok, maybe he is doing those things, but he’s also designing ultra-exclusive exhaust systems for Lamborghini road cars.

His first was for the Aventador SV back in 2016. They built around 30. This new one does the same thing for the SVJ.

The stunning titanium exhaust (just look at those welds!) weighs just 8.8 lbs. VB, Balboni’s company, says that trims 1 percent off the total weight of the car. Impressive. And yes, the shape of the pieces is supposed to look like bull’s horns. They probably sound much better than any bull, though.

“This new VB exhaust is the best system that can possibly be manufactured for the extraordinary SVJ,” said the clearly modest Balboni. “It is symbiotic with the SVJ’s character. Our goal was to create an incredibly light exhaust to further enhance the performance of this fantastic machine.”

The SVJ exhaust will be limited to just 63 units, so we’re guessing it will not be cheap. 15 more will be made in what it calls “a distinctive Valentino’s signature edition.” If the exhaust isn’t cool enough, VB says that they deliver it in a “highly exclusive” flight case. Useful when you need to ship your exhaust on ahead of you or bring it to your other Jota? We’re not sure on that one.

We look forward to hearing it.