Video Claims to Show Uncamouflaged Mk8 Golf Driving on the Highway

Video footage claiming to be of a Mk8 Golf has emerged showing the rear, sides, and front of the car. 

The footage was taken in South Africa and was shared to Tuned Automotive Magazine’s Facebook page.

The car bears a striking resemblance to another alleged Mk8 previously seen driving around on the highway. Along with that red one we saw in December, there was another black “Mk8” seen at the McDonald’s drive-thru in Germany late last month.

Both show a very mild update with a new grille and an updated, if predictable shape. A character line of the rear wheel, leading into the taillights livens things up a bit, though, the fit of the body of the wheels and VW’s willingness to drive this car around without camo lead to a degree of suspicion.

While this looks like a normal car, VW has made a habit using unconventional camo. The Atlas, for instance, was made up to look like a Jeep when it was testing. We have no firm evidence to support this suspicion, we just wouldn’t be surprised if the Mk8 ends up looking a little different when it’s released.