Volkswagen Denies Reports that it Wants to Sell Lamborghini

Reports that Volkswagen is mulling the sale or IPO are “unfounded,” according to a report from Reuters.

The news follows reports from Bloomberg that VW was considering the sale. The report was published on October 11, but by the 13th a VW spokesperson had officially denied the story to Reuters.

Although Lamborghini is doing quite well, VW has long been vocal about its plans to simplify the business and divest itself of non-core brands. Ducati is usually the first name that comes to mind when that conversation comes up. Being the only motorcycle manufacturer in the empire and an unusual one even in the motorcycle world, it’s hard for Ducati’s engineering to be used elsewhere.

Lamborghini, meanwhile, is tightly tied to Audi and Porsche. That said, though, its success and name recognition help make it valuable and, according to Bloomberg, it’s worth about $11 billion.

With VW spending gobs of money on electrification, the chance to earn a little cash would surely be attractive to VW, which may explain why the story got as much traction as it did.

Still, all you Lamborghini fans need not worry about Lambo’s place within the empire, because according to VW, it’s safe.