[Update] Volkswagen Ditches Grey for Nurburgring-Ready ID.R and You Can Race It

The ID.R officially has a new livery. Following the grey on grey on grey that saw it to the top of Pikes Peak and Lord March’s driveway, Volkswagen Motorsport is adding a little color to the electric record-setter.

Perhaps appropriately, given its R branding, the car feature blue on its front end. The look is completed with a black aft section and a silver roof.

You might also notice that the Volkswagen is showing off the ID.R’s low altitude aero package. With a much shorter rear wing to account for the extra air density, the car looks sleeker and longer.

The brand is showing off the ID.R ahead of its Nurburgring record attempt this summer. The team has been hard at work testing the ID. R in Spain and has added an F1-style rear wing drag reduction system to help it get up to speeds of 270 km/h (167 mph) on the long straights.

All of VW’s work is in pursuit of the EV record at the Nurburgring, which is currently held by the NIO EP9 with a time of 6:45.9. Volkswagen has pointedly avoided saying it’s going for the overall record at the track, which is currently held by Porsche’s de-restricted Le Mans-winning 919 with a time of 5:19.5.

To help it get as close as possible to that time, though, the Pikes Peak record-setter, Romain Dumas will be back behind the wheel. With a wealth of experience at the track and in the ID.R, he should give the car as good a chance as it’s got to set its record.

As you might expect, the Frenchman has been honing his skills in the sim and you, too, can try your hand. Volkswagen has partnered with Raceroom to release a free-to-download ID.R simulation to drive around the Nurburgring

And if you’re wondering what that looks like, Jimmy Broadbent had an early look: