Volkswagen: Mexican Production to Restart on June 15

Production at Volkswagen’s Mexican plant in Puebla will resume on June 15, according to a report from Automotive Logistics.

The plant produces the Mk7 Golf, the Jetta, and the Tiguan. Production at the plant shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Volkswagen and the Mexican national government were eager to restart automotive production in April. The governor of Puebla, the state where Audi’s plant is located, said it was still too dangerous to send workers back into factories.

Now, though, Audi and Volkswagen say they are ready to slowly send workers back into the factory.

“As with VW, Audi México will resume its activities gradually on June 15 with 30% of the workforce and strictly complying with all the measures established by the Ministry of Health,” an Audi spokesperson told Automotive Logistics. “We will be assessing in the following weeks how and in what percentage we can increase our production, as we will be doing this gradually.”

Production will only resume with 30% of the total workforce in an attempt to keep workers safe. The automaker will then start to slowly add more and more workers to its shifts.