1000 Percent Rise in Tiguan Sales is Good News for VW USA’s July Results

Well, VW’s decision to build a pair of SUVs better suited to the American market is paying off. With sales up 12% for the month of July, VW is surfing the crossover tsunami.

Tiguan sales are perhaps the most extreme, though that has a lot to do with July 2017 being its first month on sale (only 600 sold). This month, though, the figure is up by more than 1,000% to 6,636.

Even more impressive, though perhaps less extreme, were the Atlas’s sales, which rose nearly 400% even though it didn’t have any Tiguan-esque advantages. 

With a total of 6,500 selling for the month of July, its sales are rivaling the Tiguan’s for the first time in a long time.

The Tiguan Limited’s sales, meanwhile (remember the Tiguan Limited? that’s the old Tig with a new badge) are down 11%, though at 1,300 total sold, it’s still proving that there’s an appetite for a smaller VW SUV.

The Beetle, for some reason, also did very well in July. Beetle Convertible sales rose 19% while Beetle Coupe sales rose nearly 50%, meaning that unusually total Beetle sales easily beat the GTI’s (whose sales were down 33% this month).

Alarmingly, despite the new model, the Jetta’s sales are down by 37% this month, which is a big deal. That accounts for a loss of nearly 4,000 units. That’s 7.5% of sales this month.

The lesson of the Tiguan, though, may be that popular cars don’t necessarily have to sell well in their first months on sale. VW may still be anxious about the little sedan’s prospects, though.

Still, VW doesn’t have to worry too much, since it seems to have effectively diversified its portfolio. In total, its US sales for the year so far are up 8%.