Auto Museum Wolfsburg Shows Special T2 Exhibit

“Iconic” probably best characterizes the second generation of the Volkswagen Transporter. In order to preserve them and their cult status, the T2 interest group was founded 20 years ago (IG T2).  To honor the anniversary, the car museum houses a special exhibition of various models, that officially opened on October 18th, and runs until December 23.

The success story of Volkswagen van, affectionately called Bulli, had begun in the late 40s. Cult status continued in 1967 with the second-generation Transporter T2. She remained faithful to the classic concept of the air-cooled boxer engine, and even the wheelbase corresponded to that of the predecessor.

New to the T2 were larger side windows, a sliding door as standard, panorama windscreen and bottom positioned indicator.  Called the T2b, the Bulli was also for alternative concepts such as electric, hybrid or gas turbine drive.  The last version (T2c) the Bulli was built until 2013 in Brazil, still powered by a water-cooled engine . Overall, 3.9 million T2 buses were sold worldwide.

In the early 1990s, a circle of friends for the early models of the second generation of the Transporter founded the “Interessengemeinschaft T2 – Freunde des VW-Busses 1967 – 1979 e. V.”, or “Community of Interest T2 – Friends of the VW bus 1967 -. 1979.”  Since being founded in 1994 with just 20 enthusiasts, the club has grown to nearly 600 members.  The Community of Interests holds an annual meeting in Germany and keeps in touch through the website

In addition to T2 IG enthusiast vehicles, Volkswagen will also display vehicles at the Auto Museum, whose collection is continuously growing specifically for the “The T2 abc” exhibition.

(Source: Dpp-car reporter / hhg)

Translation by VWvortex