What Do You Do with a Beetle Fender? You Make an Awesome Bike

Minibikes are always cool, but there are no tiny motorcycles cooler than these ones. They’re built from a Volkswagen Beetle fender, which has been transformed into something amazing.

You can follow the build on Brent Walter’s Instagram account, and watch how he turned some genuine VW Beetle fenders into these cool minibikes. It started out with the fenders, some tubing, and what looks to be a 3 hp 79cc single-cylinder engine from Harbor Freight. But what matters isn’t where you start, it’s where you end up, and Walter has ended up pretty far with this one.

On top of the frame he created, Walter fitted the fender, then used actual Beetle head and taillights to make sure that the bike can be seen.

And if you’re wondering where the fenders came from, well that’s a cool project too. To make the Volkspod scooters, Walter took the fenders off of a real VW, but then restored it into a cool fenderless hot rod. Waste not, want not, as it were. Look closely, and the air cleaner is made from a Beetle side marker light.

No, these aren’t for sale, and the posts are disappointingly short on details, but these are some seriously cool Volkswagen Beetle bikes that we’d love to see more of.