Brand New 1974 Beetle On Sale at Silverstone

Way back in 1974 an old Italian man who had never driven named Armando Sgroi took delivery on a brand new Volkswagen Beetle. The elderly Genoese man wasn’t particularly interested in driving, but his walk to church was becoming difficult, so he decided that he needed some help.

Naturally, he chose to drive the happiest, best selling car on earth and once a week he drove it the short distance to mass. But age is a fearful thing and as the years wore on Sgroi and his Beetle made it to church less and less until, in 1978, it was parked in a barn.

1974 Volkswagen Beetle interior HR

Cut to four decades later and the Beetle was still in that barn, still in great condition, and the odometer read 90 km, leading to claims that this is one of the lowest mileage examples in existence. Now, following a “light recommissioning,” it’s being sold on the second-hand market for the first time ever at the Silverstone Auctions.

“This [Beetle] is a very special example and something we rarely see,” says Nick Whale, managing director of Silverstone Auctions. “With such an incredibly low mileage it is in virtually new condition, 42 years after it was first bought.”


The condition is so new, in fact, that the original books, invoice, and unwrapped tool kit are still in the car.

Estimates for this pristine Beetle that hits the auction block at the end of May range from €35,000 to  €40,000 ($39,000-$45,000).

1974 Volkswagen Beetle rear angle HR