Check Out VW’s Hidden Collection of Classics

Autostadt is Volkswagen’s equivalent of Disneyland. It’s a whole city dedicated to the best of the automaker and one of the highlights is undoubtedly the ZeitHaus, a museum, dedicated all the automotive innovations that have led to the modern car.

Not only does the museum contain VWs, but so too does it contain Chevrolets, Mercedeses, Citroens and any number of historical cars. But space is limited, and only 70 or so cars can be inside the four-story museum at any given point.

So, like any other museum, Volkswagen keeps many of its pieces in storage. For them, though, the cars are kept in a nondescript 70,000 square-foot warehouse a few miles away from the Autostadt.


Volkswagen recently opened the warehouse’s doors to a photographer who was allowed to take pictures of all of the 260 vehicles from 66 manufacturers kept by the brand.

As well as pictures of interesting cars, there also shots of the garage that helps keep the cars ready for the rallies and car shows that  they often participate in.

Take a wander over to for galleries of both the warehouse and the ZeitHaus, as well as a very informative article about them both.