CNN Spotlights Volkswagen’s Dresden Plant

24-hour news network CNN has come to be known for much more than just the stories they cover.  With recent miniseries like The Sixties and others, the network moves away from the the Breaking News headlines and opinion shows that we’ve come to expect from the 24 hour news cycle to simply place a spotlight on a noteworthy person, company or process.  Such is the case with their ‘Art of Movement’ program, a monthly program that focuses on the elements of motion and innovations that have helped to “shape our modern world.”

As part of their ‘Art of Movement’ series, CNN has featured the Volkswagen Group’s “Transparent” Plant in Dresden, Germany.  Home to global Phaeton production, the factory’s exterior walls are made of glass allowing for car production to take place as somewhat of a spectacle, attracting visitors to watch from outside.

On the inside, CNN details each major element of car production within the facility, from the assembly line’s conveyor belt, to the vehicle tower, which acts as a holding area for completed vehicles that have not yet been delivered.  The entire manufacturing process in Dresden is an intimate one, with only 21 cars completed each day on average.  At night, the facility doubles as a performing arts center, playing host to a range of events from the New York Philharmonic to performance art.

Check out the full pictorial on, right here, or see it in video form, here.