How do We Feel About the Design of India’s New Taigun Concept?

Don’t worry, this isn’t yet another VW SUV for us. Instead, this one is for India and I think it looks pretty good.

Unveiled yesterday, the new concept is supposed to show off an upcoming small SUV that is “built to hustle.”

One of the side effects of the Dieselgate scandal was that VW empowered its local offices more power over the design of their vehicles, so this isn’t necessarily indicative of what’s coming to us. Volkswagen’s worldwide design is—to put it diplomatically—still very consistent.

And with that consistency comes some repetition. The Tiguan and the T-Cross are very clearly related. And the Taigun is no exception, but it at least has some flair.

What are those graphics on the C-pillar? What are those funky taillights? Can we please have a skid-plate the off-roadier SUVs?

I’ve just been driving around in the Passat (full review is coming soon) and while it’s a perfectly competent car, it feels like it needs a hook. Something for people to latch onto and point to as a reason to buy it over everything else. I feel the same way about VW’s modern design. It’s fine. In fact, it’s handsome, but it’s handsome in the same way that a door is. I grant you that it’s nice, but I also struggle to actually care.

These are all important questions to ask because, after the Atlas Cross Sport, VW intends to reveal a new, smaller Tiguan variant and the way things are going more SUVs are inevitable. While VW (rightly) doesn’t listen to me, I can tell you with confidence that it does listen to you.