Our First Look at New Ford-Based Amarok Pickup

Earlier today during the automaker’s Annual Media Conference state of the business event, Volkswagen Chair Herbert Diess showed a glimpse of the next-generation of Volkswagen’s Amarok compact pickup, which will be the first result of VW’s partnership with Ford.

The Volkswagen/Ford collaboration was first announced last summer, with the two saying that Ford would use the VW MEB platform for electric vehicles to develop at least one model for the European market. That made Ford the first outside company to make use of MEB, and Ford also has a partnership with Rivian to make EV trucks and SUVs in the U.S.

The other part of that collaboration was on the commercial vehicle side, where the automakers had planned to work together on a range of those vehicles. The first, we now know, will be an all-new version of the Amarok pickup, which will presumedly get a Ford variant as well, possibly a Ranger replacement.

Don’t expect anything too close to this rendering to hit the road, but it gives us an idea of what the new compact truck will look like. Bold, aggressive styling, and clearly VW, though it’ll likely be a bit less chunky and with smaller wheel arch flares (and smaller wheels with real tires) when it sees production.

We also think that the Ford will maintain its own distinct look, don’t expect badge twins like the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86, or even models as close as the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4. Does this shared Ford platform make the new Amarok more likely to see American roads? Maybe South and Central American, but not the U.S. of American