Up! GTI! is! Back! But! Not! Here! America!

The littlest GTI has returned to the VW lineup. In the UK, at least, where the Up! GTI is a return to its tiny hot hatch form along with the same refreshes as the rest of the Up! line.

Volkswagen’s Up! is it’s smallest car, but also it’s most awarded, at least in the UK, with accolades including the GQ “Scream if you Want to Go Faster” award for 2018. It’s been eight months since the Up! GTI went away there, about the same time as the delayed transition to WLTP emissions testing.

The GTI model keeps the best part of the package, though, the 1.0L three-pot turbo engine that puts down 115 hp and comes with a six-speed stick. It’s not massive power, but it’s enough to get you up to 60 mph in 8.8 seconds and on the UK’s winding B-roads, you aren’t going to be able to use much more power anyway. It sure beats the non-GTI’s non-turbo three, that one makes just 60 hp which, frankly seems a bit more of a downer than an Upper.

Even the Up! can’t escape the modern trend toward massive wheels, and it gets special 17-inch Oswald alloys with low-profile rubber. The GTI version gets other GTI-spec items like red trim, and yes, it certainly does get the Jacara tartan seat fabric as all GTIs should.

The Up! GTI will come as a three or five-door, starting from £15,895 with orders open now. That price is just under $21k, though the UK price includes a hefty sales tax. Make it more like $17,000 if you’re thinking about picking one up and waiting 25 years for it to become legal in the U.S.