Key VW Design Center Changes Focus to Autonomous Driving

Volkswagen’s Potsdam design center is being adapted to work on in-car user experience (an extension of infotainment) for the fast approaching reality of autonomous cars.

That means that VW’s decade old design center will no longer be the home of Klaus Bischoff, VW brand design chief. Instead, the Potsdam center is being taken over by head of VW Group design, Michael Mauer.

One of the main catalysts for the change is the creation of a digital UX (user experience). Effectively, VW wants to turn its drivers into users, and make its mobility devices more like smartphones that keep you entertained and connected on your journey.

With the change, designers of the digital UX will be involved in the creation of new technology from day one.

“The big issue is autonomous driving: How will we use our time,” said Peter Wouda, director of design at the new center. “[There are] lots of opportunities to shape the brands and provide clear differences in Audi and Bentley [products]. We will see concepts that will show pragmatic approaches, but also how we can have fun in an autonomous car.”

[source: Automotive News]