Leaked Golf R Pictures Show Fat Tail Pipes

Three pictures of the Mk8 Golf R have leaked on Instagram.

They show juicy tailpipes, a pretty effective-looking diffusor, and the new R badge (you know, the one we showed you before everyone else) on the rear of the car. They also show the new rim and the nice blue brake caliper (also featuring R logo).


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Finally, there’s a shot of the steering wheel that shows a nice blue stripe under on the bottom spoke of the steering wheel. It also shows a wee little R button, which we presume will have some exciting effects on performance. You can also the picture-taker’s watch, which we’ll forgive in this case because it brings us photos of the R, but please don’t do this. It’s the middle-aged equivalent of a mirror selfie of your abdomen.

The shift paddles also appear to be more racecar-ey than the current generation, which is fun and maybe also turn off the cruise control? Hard to say. Regardless, there should be a lot of tech to play with.

Which you will be able to do. Volkswagen USA has confirmed that R, along with the GTI, will be coming stateside even if the TSI probably doesn’t.