Let Tanner Foust Teach You How to Make Doughnuts

You ever see a cat just kind of mess up? There’s something so fun about seeing such a dignified, elegant creature be clumsy for a moment and that’s kind of the appeal of this recent video from Volkswagen.

Made to celebrate international doughnut day (which is every day in this office), VW asked Tanner Foust to show them how to do a doughnut. Or rather, how to make a doughnut. In the kitchen. Not the driveway.

The task does not appear to suit Foust, who despite being successful is not what you’d call confident in the kitchen. He dumps ingredients with all the precision of a truck and says stuff like “gross” when ingredients come out of the microwave. Claire Saffitz, your job is safe for now.

But, it must be said, the peanut-butter-chocolate doughnuts that come out of the oven look pretty tasty and Foust calls them “the second-best kind of doughnut,” next to the type you make on the street.

Since this is a community dedicated to (largely) FWD vehicles, the best kind of doughnut is not something that’s super relevant. But for you air-cooled cats and the electric lads and lasses, here’s Team O’Neil Rally School’s outdoor doughnut lesson.