A Look Into the Future? Volkswagen Reveals Tiguan X in China

The S(coupe)V train has left the station and VW’s on it. They’ve just revealed the Tiguan X in China and it may look something like a crossover they’re planing for the US market.

The 2021 Tiguan X is pretty much identical to the standard Tiguan from the nose to the B pillar. Behind that, though, the roofline has been cut significantly to give the X a more coupe profile.

That also means new taillights with a light bar running between them, and a “Tiguan X” badge on top of the light bar

Endowed with a 2.0-liter TSI engine making around 215 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, the X should be familiar to anyone who’s been in a Tiguan lately. A base model with around 185 hp and 245 lb-ft of torque has also been announced. Power is routed through a 7-speed DSG and it gets 4Motion, as you’d expect.

An R-Line package is shown here, no word on an R version, but seeing as how Audi has been beefing up its coupish crossovers, it would make sense to chuck the R’s engine in.

Now, this is all relevant to us because for years now, VW has been promising a new crossover to fit in under the Tiguan. They have promised that it will be smaller than the Tiguan, but remember that we only get the larger, long-wheelbase version. So we could be seeing something awfully similar to this.

Naturally, Volkswagen’s North American arm does have enough clout to design its own crossover based on the Tiguan platform, so it won’t be identical to this, but there are only so many ways to design a Tiguan. We should add that the US crossover in question hasn’t been confirmed as a coupe, but industry trends is industry trends.