Man Builds Solar-Powered Volkswagen Bus Capable of 80mph

When you’re the Chief Technology Officer for a Healthcare firm that specializes in delivery robots, forward thinking just sort of comes with the territory.  After a while of doing what was once considered impossible, I’d imagine you remove the word from your vocabulary.  Such is the case with Vecna CTO Daniel Theobald, a man who, after converting a Volkswagen Bus to electric power in just an afternoon, successfully one-upped himself to make it run on solar power.


By no means is his Bus the first vehicle to ever be powered by solar energy, but it might just be the first practical vehicle to be powered our nearest star.  The Bus still has room for passengers, with the electronics tucked away behind the rear seats and a simply massive collection of ten solar panels mounted to the roof.  The price for all of this re-engineering?  An estimated $200,000.


So what kind of range do you get for that amount of money?  About 30 miles, but Theobald says that is more than enough to get him where he needs to go.  As you’d imagine, topography has a profound effect on range, so Daniel is very conscious about which routes he takes.  Luckily for him, the Bus can get up to 80mph, meaning that highways are not out of the question.

Check out the full story, here.

Images by Martin LaMonica