This Might Be Your First Look at the Mk8 Golf R

Twitter-user Caleb J Schroeter has posted a picture of a suspicious-looking Golf testing down in South Africa and there’s an argument to be made that it could be the next Golf R.

The picture was actually posted earlier this week when we first saw it. At the time, we decided it was a GTE, and moved on with our day, disappointed. A recent article from AutoExpress has caused us to consider things further.

Naturally, the (apparently) Pretoria wheels are the first things that jump out. They scream Golf R, but at the time we thought: a set of wheels does not a Golf R make.

The stance, though—with the fenders low and tight over the slim tires—does suggest that something exciting could be happening here.

Perhaps the biggest hint, though, is the intercooler whose silver sides you can just make out behind the grille. With rumors suggesting that the Golf R will approach, but not exceed, 400 hp cooling efficiency will no doubt be a concern for VW.

Again, this is less than confirmation, but it is at least an interesting thing to ponder.