Mishap or Calculated Attack? Audi Damaged During Run-In with Volkswagens Outside Olympia Washington

Late last week a report out of Olympia, Washington of three Volkswagens and a crashed Audi spread like wildfire through social media and sparked a discussion in our Regional Forum.  While it seems that there is more than one side of this particular story, we can all agree that the incident resulted in a damaged Audi S4, and with blame being focused directly on the Volkswagen community.

Local news outlets are reporting that “five young men driving souped-up Volkswagens” were instigating other drivers by flashing their high beams and brake checking numerous vehicles on Washington’s I-5.  A short time later, the five young men reportedly began to instigate a silver B5-generation S4 Avant.  Rather than become another victim, the S4 reportedly sped up to avoid the Volkswagens, but was only able to get away for about 15 minutes before again encountering the Volkswagen drivers.  It was then that the Audi was reportedly “pitted” by a silver Beetle, causing the S4 to hit a concrete median and slide roughly 100 yards before coming to a stop.  An unidentified 21 year old man has since been arrested in connection with the incident.

From what we have seen both on our own forums and on social media, there might be a bit more to the story.  According to posters, those connected to the incident claim that the Audi was driving erratically and during a ‘brake check’ gone wrong, the driver lost control, essentially putting themselves into a median and likely getting hit by the Beetle.  One poster goes as far as to suggest that the chain of events was captured on video.  No word on the status of that video, but we can hope that it makes it into the hands of authorities to provide clarity to the situation.

In reading both sides of this story, it seems that the only one conclusion can be made- two wrongs don’t make a right.  We’re glad to see that all parties involved were not injured in the incident, and anticipate that if given all pertinent information, Police will be able to uncover what really happened.