Mk8 Golf GTI Starts at Same Price as Higher-Performance Mk7 GTI in UK

Volkswagen UK has revealed the starting price for the Mk8 Golf GTI. Brits will have to shell out £33,460 for the high-performance hatch.
That’s £50 fewer than they had to pay for the Mk7 GTI Performance, but it’s also £7,600 more than the base price of the base model Mk7 GTI.
Since we didn’t get the GTI Performance here, it’s hard to know exactly how that maps onto US pricing. Pricing for cars, for a variety of reasons, doesn’t strictly adhere to conversion rates—£33,000 equates to about $42,000, but VW knows better than to charge that much for the base GTI in the US.
It’s not unreasonable to think that there will be a modest price increase with the Mk8 GTI, though. The Mk8 makes as much power (242 hp) as the GTI Performance, which explains why VW feels comfortable raising the base price to mid-range levels for the 8th generation in the UK.
Without such a handy comparison in the US, though, it would be hard to make that argument in the US. Indeed, Hein Schafer, VWoA’s senior VP of product planning, told us in May that the price would rise, but only by about 10%.
Schafer argued that the extra power and technology that come with the Mk8 are what account for the price hike. So, it seems, we might be getting something of a bargain.
Volkswagen of America’s product manager for the Golf, Megan Closset told us in that same interview in May that the Mk8 GTI would arrive on US shores in late 2021.