Mk8 Golf R to Be Revealed on November 4

Despite pulling out of the Goodwood SpeedWeek, Volkswagen R still has some news to share. Although it’s not exactly the news we were hoping for, the company announced that they will be unveiling the Golf R on November 4.

We’re not expecting any big surprises from the latest generation of the Golf R, but a healthy step forward from the previous generation. Reports suggest that the familiar EA888 four-cylinder will produce around 315 hp for the eighth generation. Volkswagen hasn’t announced a number yet, but the power should rise, since the GTI Clubsport now produces 295 hp, like the Mk7 R.

Reports suggest that SEAT’s Cupra Formentor will get 400 hp out of the drivetrain, which makes us optimistic that higher and higher power levels will be available if higher-power variants become available.

The GTI and the R have been confirmed for the US market, though any higher-power versions have not been confirmed.