Musk Meets Diess, Drives ID.3 Checks Out ID.4

After a visit to check on his new factory near Berlin, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took a few minutes to check out the competition, driving the ID.3 and inspecting the ID.4 from Volkswagen. That’s according to a report from Automotive News Europe.

ANE’s sources didn’t want to be named, since this wasn’t a publicly announced meeting, but a VW Group spokesperson confirmed that Musk did meet with VW Group CEO Herbert Diess. The meeting was said to have been about two hours long, last Thursday night at an airport near Brunswick, Germany. There’s a video showing Diess and Musk sitting together inside an ID.3, taking it down the runway at the airport and talking about the driver aids like lane-keeping.

“Thanks for the visit, Elon! Hope you like the video. It was great driving the ID.3 with you! You were just quite critical with the available torque at higher speed. I told you: “Yes, we are on the runway – but no need for takeoff – it’s not a sports car.” For this, you should try our Porsche Taycan. Looking forward to our next meeting!” Diess said later in a post to LinkedIn.

Diess also said that “Tesla will liven up the competition in Germany and accelerates the transformation of our established industry significantly.”

The normally social-media-heavy Elon Musk had nothing to say on Twitter about the experience. Maybe the VW left him speechless. Must have been the panel gaps.