New Polo GTI Unveiled (And Also Some Other Polos, Too)

Volkswagen unveiled the largest ever Polo today in Berlin, and along with it the new Polo GTI.

Coming right out of the box with a 200 hp, 2.0-liter TSI engine, the Mk6 Polo GTI will have about 8 more horsepower than the one it replaces. Available with two chassis, Sport and Sport Select, the Polo should have the handling to match its power.

LED lights with red winglets are the exclusive reserve of the Polo GTI, while a spoiler out back, a lip under its chin, dual pipes, and GTI badges all mark this one out as special.

Der neue Volkswagen Polo GTI

Inside, your buns will stay in place thanks to tartan sport seats. Red stitching and a GTI gear shift grip also let the driver know just how special this GTI is.

For the less GTI-inclined buyer, the standard Polo also has a lot to offer. As mentioned above, this is the largest Polo ever, with a total length of about 4 inches longer than the outgoing model. Inside, too, the extra size can be felt, with 25% more cargo capacity to fit your stuff in.

It’s the technology that really impresses with this new Polo, though. With features expected on larger, more expensive cars, like Front Assist, Blind Spot Detection, ACC, and LED headlights, this Polo punches above its weight. It also gains a digital instrument cluster, as in the Mk7 Golf.

Volkswagen Weltpremiere ? Der neue Polo

The new Polo is also a smorgasbord of personalisation. With six versions to pick from (Trendline, Comfortline, Highline, GTI, Beats, and Lifestyle), a range of usual and (new to the Polo) a natural gas TGI engine, 14 exterior colors, and 13 interior colors to choose from there are near endless possibilities (which would make a Harlequin version quite the challenge).

Power ranges from 65 hp to 200 hp. There isn’t much else to say about that, it’s just hilarious that Europeans can still buy a new car with 65 hp.

The Polo starts just 12,975 euros (in Germany) for a four-door version with Front Assist as standard.