NJ VW Fan Reunited With the Beetle that Started it All

You never forget your first. Car that is. Especially if it’s a Beetle. Then you could end up like this New Jersey woman whose whole life has revolved around Volkswagen. This is the story of her being reunited with her first car. A 1975 Beetle. In purple.

Amanda Dorset grew up in Virginia in the 1990s, and when she turned 16 she got a 1975 bug.

“I loved it!” Dorset told PIX11 News. “I’ve always really thought about the Volkswagen always because I mean I was 16. Remember when you were 16? You know, you have memories and those were fun memories.”

Since then she’s had 11 more VWs, matching bags, shoes, decor, and named her dog Bora. Her husband loves VWs (Must Love Bugs?) and she had a groom’s cake made that was a replica of her first Beetle.

Then, this year, she got a text. This might be your first car. And it was. The car was for sale. Dorset begged the seller to buy the car back and it was hers for $400. Despite being gone for two decades, she may still have been the last driver.

“The car has not been registered since we had it. The car is still titled in my mom’s name,” she said. “It’s in rough shape. Luckily not too much rust on the outside but the inside, I fell through the floor trying to clean it out.”

Source: PIX11