No Fines for Volkswagen in Germany

The German Transport Ministry isn’t fining Volkswagen AG following the diesel scandal, reports Automotive News. A Transport Ministry spokesperson said Wednesday that the diesel fix that Volkswagen has already begun installing on European vehicles is sufficient.

The Transport Ministry’s statement comes in the middle of a wave of dissatisfaction, though. Germany’s most read newspaper as well as members of parliament are beginning to make known their objections to the lack of US-style payouts in Europe.

The number of TDIs sold in Europe would make such a payout difficult, if not impossible, to bear for the automaker, something VW CEO Matthias Muller made clear earlier this week. Further, switch-off devices, such as the one used in the cheating TDI engines, are not necessarily illegal in Europe, so action against the automaker is necessarily different in the two jurisdictions.

Still, Europe has always been Volkswagen’s bread and butter, so frustration there could be dangerous for the recovering company.