Polo Based SUV Spied Ahead of Production

Smaller than the Tiguan, and smaller still than the T Roc, we’re now seeing the Polo-based T Cross testing for the first time.

When it premiered at Geneva it was as a convertible two-door crossover. This T Cross, expected to find its way into dealerships in 2018, looks like a four-door hard top version instead. Slightly disappointing, but also clearly a better idea.

The T Cross is based on the Polo, but the scuttlebutt is that it’ll be a little swollen in every direction, to give it more presence as a crossover. Despite that, it’s expected to get the same range of engines as the Polo.

The new Polo, though, is moving over to the MQB platform, so the suspicion is that the T Cross will be on that same platform, which could give it access to a four-wheel-drive system.

The T Cross is expected to compete with the Honda HRV, the Mazda CX3, and the Audi Q2.