Popcorn on a Mk2 Golf Is Art… But Is It the New Rust?

There are trends that circulate amongst “the scene” that tend to serve as low hanging fruit for critics. Purposely rusty panels or wicker seats are some that come to mind. Fortunately, what you see here is not from the show scene… unless that show is an art show.

Popcorn Golf

What you see here is a work by artist Lucas Denehl, a student at Branschweig Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HBK) in Braunschweig, Germany. The car, a second-generation Golf coated in popcorn, was spotted by a visiting Jacob Schroeder and posted to Instagram after visiting the school’s annual “Open Studios” event.

Popcorn Golf

As for longevity, this thing looks to be essentially pop corn (not able to confirm white cheddar) hot-glued to every surface of the car’s exterior save the glass. Likely it makes rusty panels look rather permanent and hard to damage or deteriorate in comparison. Sounds just about perfect then for those who deem working with wicker as something for novices.

See more at Jacob Schroeder’s blog HERE or via the HBK here. You can also an additional photo HERE.