Possible Full Size VW SUV Spotted

Mashable recently posted pictures of three full size SUVs sporting some very clever camouflage. We don’t actually know what these things are, but the best guess is that they’re test mules for a new 7 seat Volkswagen SUV.

The SUVs were spotted in California and it’s pretty clear that they’re in disguise. Some of the body panels have basically been taped on and the front turn signals are partially covered with ill fitting bodywork. The badges, too, are an unrecognizable “X” in a circle.

What leads many to believe that they’re Volkswagens are the tail lights, which are pure VW. The overall shape also lends credence to the theory. The proportions and the way the angles are cut are very reminiscent of the brand’s recent design language. Effectively, they just look like VWs.

Finally there are the Arizona licence plates. Mashable reports that VW, unlike most car makers, registers its test cars in Arizona.

Of course, this is all speculation and none of the evidence is conclusive. Maybe Xerox has decided to jump into the SUV game and hasn’t quite figured out how to fit body panels properly. Maybe the moon is made of cheese. Maybe Bruce Wayne is the Batman.suv3