Report: Dealers Told Base Golf Gone from US with Next-Gen Model

A new report from Automotive News says that US Volkswagen dealerships got the news last week that it will be editing the base models of the Golf out of the lineup.

That’s not the only gone Golf, though. The Golf SportWagen will disappear. As we previously reported, though, the GTI and the R have been confirmed.

In that report, published on May 3, a Volkswagen representative told us that no decision had been reached with regards to the fate of the base Golf and the SportWagen. This later report may indicate that a decision has been reached.

Volkswagen’s next-gen Golf has already been spotted testing in Europe, boasting upgrades like an improved digital cockpit. But it wasn’t expected to arrive here before late 2021.

So why the GTI and the R, but not the base car or the wagon? Because, the report says, VW’s current line of Golfs is largely built in Mexico. With the new model, production will move to Europe.

The Golf R and the e-Golf are already built in Germany, so the math doesn’t change for them. The GTI is the best selling Golf, grabbing 42 percent of sales, so it’s worth importing. Slouching sales of the base Golf, though, could mean that it’s not worth shipping across the Atlantic.

But, as always, plans could change. That’s because the base Golf is the best-selling VW in Canada. AN said that a source close to the situation said if VW Canada can make a business case for the car, it could continue in the US and Canada.

Of course, VW Canada could always look at what they did with the City Golf and City Jetta (later flipping the names around) where Volkswagen sold a version of the old-gen car in Canada, with the MK IV cars sold under those badges until the 2010 model year.

[source: Automotive News]