Report: Two Door GTI is Going Away

GTIs look your last, the era of the two-door may be coming to an end. That’s according to Jalopnik’s Mark Baruth, who reports that Megan Garbis, the Product Manager for the Golf line, told him that production of the two-door GTI would soon stop.

Baruth writes that Garbis “noted that the two-door is no more. Although there are some 2017 2-door models in the wild, all production of two-door GTIs will be ceasing in the next couple of weeks.”


According to Baron Smith, Product Planner at Volkswagen of America, a limited number of 2-doors will still be available, but Dr Hendrick Muth, VP of Product Marketing, later confirmed that Volkswagen will be “focusing” the Golf line.

“Our buyers and our dealers say that they want a four-door,” Garbis told Baruth. “Obviously, the Golf R has been a popular car in four-door trim, so we don’t  feel that it will be a deterrent. Our GTI customers have families, and they want to be able to take them with them wherever they go.”

Break out the mourning shawls.