Report: Volkswagen AG to Split Brands into Four Holding Groups

Reports surfaced earlier this week that the Volkswagen Group is considering dividing their brands into four separate holding groups, creating new ‘divisions’ based upon shared platforms and components.  Based on this, the most likely result would be a redefinition of the ‘Volkswagen Passenger Cars’ group to include Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda, as well as the introduction of groupings that include Audi, Lamborghini and possibly Ducati, and an upscale group to be comprised of Porsche, Bentley and Bugatti.  Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles would likely also see their scope redefined to now include truck brands Scania and Man.

With 12 brands and a workforce of roughly 600,000, Volkswagen’s current management structure is said to be an ever-present obstacle in meeting profitability targets according to an article published by Forbes.  Forbes goes on to say that this plan has been in the works since April, possibly leading to the exit of Ferdinand Piech.

Check out the full article on the Forbes website, and keep an eye out for future updates.