Restored Volkswagen Light Bus Taking Cross Country Trip to Woodstock

It’s been nearly 50 years since the van was made famous at the legendary Woodstock festival, but now VW is going up country and baby don’t you wanna go? They’re taking their recreation of the “Light” bus Type 2 van on a road trip. But stay away from the brown brake fluid. The brown brake fluid that’s been circulating around us is not specifically too good.

The original 1963 bus was painted by artist Dr Bob Hieronimus. The owner wanted to use it to take his band from Baltimore to the festival. He wanted a magic bus. The impossible to miss VW was captured at the event and became so well-known that it’s image long outlived the band that commissioned it.

Hieronimus, with documentarian John Wesley Chisolm and some help from VW of America weren’t able to find the original bus. But they were able to find one like it and spend six weeks recreating the original paintings. Part of a three-year restoration.

Now, to celebrate 50 years since Woodstock, the van will be making a cross-country tour. Starting in Long Beach and ending, of course, at Woodstock.

And if you want to watch a video of the restoration, we’ve got that too.

Peace, love, and vans. Groovy.