Spied: Potential Golf R’s Quad-Pipes Seen in Photos

The spy shots of the hot Golf 8s are coming fast and loose. The latest is of the tail end of a menacing-looking model with quad-tail pipes.

Naturally, the wealth of exhaust tips is causing internet seers to predict that this is the Golf R. Unfortunately, this is a rebadged model, so we don’t know for sure.


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Although there’s very little to go on, the fact that this model doesn’t appear to actually be any wider than a stock model could be an argument against its Rness. Volkswagen is pretty good at camo, though.

Whatever it is, we can reportedly expect to see it this summer, when it’s unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Mk8 GTI should be unveiled before then at the Geneva Motor Show, in March.

h/t to motor1