Take a Look at the Golf GTD’s Bright New Grille

Although we will not be getting a GTD, it’s interesting to see what Klaus Bischoff and his team of designers have in mind for the performance versions of the Mk8 Golf.

Although we haven’t yet seen the whole thing, the GTD—like GTI, but for diesels—the latest teaser from the brand shows the car’s grills. Crucially, it also shows the shiny new light elements in the intakes.

The design appears to be fairly simple, five of the hexagons on either side of the lower grille are lit up and appear to be surrounded by a black highlight. The DRLs also appear to run across the entire front of the GTD in a manner that we’re happy to call pleasing.

Whether or not the GTI will be able to make use of the same cross-front light remains a question, but we worry that seeing a red light blasting towards us at night may generate more terror than interest.

We’ll see the full GTD at the Geneva Motor Show next month. That’s also when the GTI is tipped to break cover, so keep your eyes out for teasers of that, too.