The Legendary Corrado Shooting Brakes are Up for Sale

The words “shooting” and “brake” are sure to cause tumescence in the car world these days. That’s partly because these sports-cars-cum-wagons are so rarely seen, and partly because they look so good.

Naturally, there’s excitement every time one of these rarities pops its head up, and today we’re excited to say that the extremely rare Magnum G60s have surfaced again and are for up sale.


The Magnum G60 was designed by Marold Automobili GmbH back in the late ’80s at the behest of Volkswagen. The idea was to see if it worked, and then start a limited run of 200 cars.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Marold only made these two, and Volkswagen never made any more. Maybe they were too beautiful to live, or maybe VW realized that it didn’t really make sense to make a hatchback version of a sports car based on a hatchback.

Either way, these are the only two models in existence, and now they’re being sold by the fine people at LuxSport Motor Group. Since they are the only two in existence, LuxSport is asking for a hefty $50,000 each.

14021996650_e111b35b50_kThat the cars are in America in the first place is thanks to forum user zero9nine and friend-of-the-site Jamie Orr of Orchid Euro.

Zero9nine first bought the cars in Germany, way back in 2007 and a for a long time it looked like they simply couldn’t be imported in the US. In 2014, though, zero9nine met Orr in his home country of the Netherlands, and Orr handled the logistics of getting these cars into the new world.

Thanks to their, frankly, heroic efforts, you too now have the chance to own these historic cars that also happen to be super cool.