This Tiguan (hopefully isn’t) Blinding Kids with Science

To help some science education-deprived students, a Volkswagen is helping cross-over and add more access to science workshops and activities in Casper, WY.

VW says that funding limitations meant that students were no longer able to visit science attractions in the area. So one of them, The Science Zone, stepped in with a specially equipped Tiguan.

It’s called the Science Mobile, and since March last year, it’s been to more than a dozen schools. Letting kids make slime, participate in electrical presentations, learn about plants and chemistry, and even see reptiles up close and in slimy person.

“The Tiguan has been essential in the schools we visit,” said Steven Schnell, executive director of The Science Zone. “Once we learned the kids couldn’t come to us, we decided we would take the science to the kids.

Schnell and his team have travelled throughout Wyoming. Interacting with more than 10,000 people. Loaded up with gear like liquid nitrogen and safety equipment, the Science Mobile is able to travel to fairs and schools and bring STEM activities that meet state guidelines to schools (and students) that would otherwise miss out.