Is a Two-Door MK IV Jetta Genius or an Abomination?

Are you one of the dozens of people disappointed that Volkswagen didn’t build a two-door version of the Mk IV Jetta? Saddened knowing you’ll need to spend your life driving Jettas with four doors and no fewer? Well, we’ve got some good news for you, or at least a strange photo, because somebody has decided that it would be great to turn the 1999-2007 Jetta into a two-door. Sort of.

We found the photo of this beast on Reddit, with no information to go along with it. Just a Mk4 with the B-pillar sawed off top and bottom, the whole shooting match of the front door, rear door and pillar welded together to make whatever this is.

According to, this parking-lot killer (just try opening those doors with someone beside you) was purchased by Harry’s Auto Restoration and Repair, a Volkswagen service specialist and retailer of salvaged VW parts. They spoke with owner Harold Bloomer who said that this was a $200 car from Copart, and was originally destined to be converted into a pickup truck.

A few minutes with a saw and this is what you end up with, a two-door Jetta coupe with great access to the front and rear seats.

Don’t worry, the shop did it as a joke, which is exactly what it should be. Since that can’t have been good for structural integrity or crashworthiness.