US Passat Redesign Delayed, Will Migrate Onto MQB

North Americans won’t be getting a redesigned Passat as soon as we thought due to a plan that would see the sedan migrate onto the MQB platform, a source with knowledge of the plan says.

An update had been planned for 2018, but it now looks like the redesign will coincide with an update to the European Passat. No specific timeline for the move to the new platform was confirmed, though.

Despite that, the European and American cars still won’t be the same. “It’s not going to be a Euro Passat,” says the source. “It’s going to be designed in America, for America.”

That Volkswagen is looking to move the Passat over to MQB shouldn’t come as a surprise. In Europe, the latest Passat (B8) is already on the platform and the MQB-based three-row SUV (Teramont), set to be revealed this fall, is also being built in Chattanooga on the same line as the Passat.

Passat production moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2011. The move was made in the hopes of avoiding exchange rate fluctuations and to better tailor the sedan to the North American market.