V8 Touareg the Last of the V8 Diesels?

It’s the last of the V8 Touaregs. The 4.0L twin-turbo, 664 lb-ft super SUV that happens to be a diesel. And the head of VW marketing things it’ll be a collector’s item.

That great big TDI engine might not be the V10 diesel of the first-generation, but it’s definitely something special. The big diesel ‘Reg makes 415 hp to go along with that thundering torque figure. But VW’s head of marketing, Jürgen Stackmann, told TopGear that “most likely, it’ll be the last V8 diesel car you’ll see.”

Which is why he thinks that it could end up in the hands of collectors.

“I’ve met a lot of Touareg V10 TDI customers, and those that have one will never sell it,” he said. “It’ll be the same idea with the V8. It’s for those customers who want something very special, and they’ll get it.”

Interestingly, the Porsche Cayenne, which sits on the same platform, isn’t set to get the diesel V8. It’s going to be VW-only.

“It’s all about brand-fit,” Stackmann said. “With Porsche, you can see the combination of making plug-in cars the highest performance cars is very right for Porsche. That’s the beauty of the VW Group. We have many different brands with different positionings. The V8 won’t go into other cars, but it manifests the Touareg as a premium, flagship car.”

The order books open in May if you’re in Europe and want one. Or if you’re in America and want one badly enough to buy it and put it in a crate for 25 years.