Volkswagen Announces Revamped Beetle

The Beetle Sunshine Tour (August 19-21) is the largest Beetle gathering in the world and so is the perfect chance for Volkswagen to introduce the newly revamped Beetle.

The new bug will come in coupe and convertible, with redesigned bumpers, new upholstery, new colors, and a number of customization options.

With more than 600 registrants so far, this is already a record year for the Beetle Sunshine tour, which takes place in Travemünde, Germany. The northern port town has hosted the annual show twelve times and it has since become the place to see the best modified and personalized Beetles from every generation.

The Beetle Sunshine Tour lasts all weekend with events like the “laid-back group cavalcade,” a rally, and the Beetlewalk, featuring the most original Beetles at the show.

Take a look at some of the wilder Beetle from previous Beetle Sunshine Tours below: