Volkswagen Announces the #PinkBeetle

A new limited edition Beetle is headed to showrooms for the 2017 model year, the #PinkBeetle, that’s right, there’s a hashtag in the official name of the car, which makes it the first ever. The model will be available in coupe and convertible, and comes, as the name suggests, in pink.

Actually, the official color code is Fresh Fuchsia Metallic, and it’s not just on the body. It’s also inside the car on the accents and the seats, which are GTI inspired. Where the GTIs seats would have been red, though, these are pink.


The #FuchsiaFusca also has black mirror caps and running board inserts to contrast the pink.

Wheels will be different based on which version you get. The Coupe comes with 17-inch Linas aluminum-allow wheels and the convertible features the 18-inch five-spoke Twister design.


Inside, #RoseBug owners will get the MIB II (not Tommy Lee Jones’s proudest moment) infotainment system, a leather wrapped multifunction steering wheel with paddle shifters, and more as standard equipment.

Volkswagen aren’t ready to reveal prices, but they have called it a “value oriented” model, which suggests that prices will stay affordable.