Volkswagen Forms New Connected-Car Joint Venture

Volkswagen of America and Aeris have announced a new joint venture, forming a new company that will focus on developing enhanced connected services for Volkswagen cars and crossovers.

VW and Aeris, a specialist in the market of the Internet of Things, have announced the formation of Ventic, a joint venture owned 51 percent by VW, that will develop new connected car abilities for VW. That includes giving VW the ability to deliver connected car solutions on a single platform, but that can be customized to each vehicle model, or the region where it’s sold.

The Ventic platform, VW says, offers three categories of key benefits. The first is that it’s fast and flexible, which gives VW the ability to introduce new services more quickly and easily, much like updating smartphone apps. It also allows VW to change access rules as necessary. It’s also more efficient, able to support cloud platforms. Finally, VW says that the Ventic platform offers an improved customer experience both in the vehicle and through the apps.

“Volkswagen is committed to connected vehicle technology, as we see a future where all cars are 100 percent connected at all times,” said Abdallah Shanti, Global CIO, Volkswagen Brand, and Member of the Board, Ventic LLC. “Our connectivity platform expands beyond remote services and vehicle safety and security. This platform has inherent flexibility which enables new business models through third-party integration and is foundational for V2X communications. Furthermore, this platform will serve our customers with delightful and useful functions, as well as being a gateway to other digital ecosystems.”

The automaker will be implementing the new Ventic platform immediately, with it launching as part of the next-gen Car-Net system VW introduced in most of its model-year 2020 vehicles.