Volkswagen ID. R Ready To Take On Nurburgring

Volkswagen is setting the ID. R loose on yet another racetrack, in pursuit of electric records. this time, it’s the legendary Nurburgring.

The team’s engineers spent loads of time testing and developing the car for the 17-mile track. That includes both wind tunnel testing and heading to race tracks in France to test the energy management software.

“The ID. R is the most high- performance race car ever developed by Volkswagen Motorsport”, says François-Xavier Demaison, Volkswagen Motorsport Technical Director. “The 2019 evolution of the racecar has taken every aspect of the technology to the next level. This is also true of the electric drivetrain, which has become even more efficient ahead of the e-lap record attempt on the Nordschleife. We have used computer simulations to develop tailored energy management. The most recent tests in Le Castellet and Alès focused on this software, alongside the new aerodynamics of the ID. R. Next up is the first test session on the Nordschleife.”

The power management computers are needed to balance the 680 hp of electric power. Telling each of the two motors what to do, sending them electricity, and managing not to overheat under the consistently massive output. Then, once the driver lifts, doing the same thing in reverse to capture regenerative braking energy.

Volkswagen has also made a video showing off the car’s aerodynamic tricks. Like a new spoiler with moving slats. Formula 1-style DRS. The clip also shows how the air flows over and around the car. Worth a look if you’re interested in aerodynamics. Aero is more important in Germany than at Pikes Peak because the air is far denser than it was climbing to the top of a mountain.

The ‘Ring test is set for this summer, when the car will try and beat the current electric lap record of 6:45.90 minutes set by the Nio EP9.