Volkswagen in Talks with SMA Solar Technology AG

Early talks between Volkswagen and solar energy company SMA Solar Technology have begun, reports Reuters.

Although SMA Solar doesn’t currently make any solar components for auto manufacturers, it does have agreements with Tesla and Daimler.

“SMA Solar is strong in stationary storage systems,” a VW spokesman told Reuters, who also said that finding the right partners to reach their electric goals is key.

Speaking to Reuters, though, an SMA spokeswoman said “It’s way too soon, there is nothing yet that we can say. When things are ready, we will announce them with VW.”

Volkswagen has pledged to produce more electric vehicles in the next ten years, saying that the group will make 30 electric vehicles by 2025.

As a relative late-comer, though, Volkswagen needs help from battery and green technology veterans, like SMA.

SMA was founded in 1981 in Niestetal, Germany. It now has subsidiaries in 20 countries, employs more than 3,000 people, and did about 1 billion euros in sales in 2015.