Volkswagen Introduces Regular Routes Navigation

When’s the last time you turned on your navigation system on your commute to work? Probably never. Commutes are so repetitive that you barely have to be awake to complete them. Volkswagen, though, wants you to use your navigation system next you drive to work.

“Regular routes” is the latest navigation system from VW, that comes standard on the latest generation Discover Media and Discover Pro systems. The system learns your commute, then does nothing, unless there’s a traffic jam.

Regular routes learns how you drive, then suggests routes based on the day of the week, the time of day, and the last three routes you took at a similar time. Once picked, the system doesn’t direct you, though. It just sits in the back ground quietly.

Quietly, until a traffic jam. Then, the system suggests modifications to your route to help you get around traffic more quickly and easily.

The thought is that you don’t need to be instructed on how to do something you do every day. If there’s traffic, though, the system can modify your route so that you get to work, to school, or just home faster.