Volkswagen Passenger Cars Records Significant Growth in Europe

Wolfsburg– Volkswagen Passenger Cars grew vehicle deliveries in Europe in the first half year, with some countries reporting a significant rise. The brand delivered 485,200 units (January-June 2014: 451,400; +7.5 percent) in Western Europe (excluding Germany). The percentage increase on markets such as Spain or the Central European countries of the Czech Republic and Hungary even reached double digit figures. Deliveries on the home market of Germany also rose: 305,200 (285,700; +6.8 percent) vehicles were handed over to new owners there. “However, this positive trend on European markets contrasts with the situation in other regions, some of which are facing major challenges”, said Christian Klingler, Board Member for Sales and Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, commenting on developments at the brand during the first six months. The company has delivered 2.95 (January-June 2014: 3.07; -3.9 percent) million vehicles worldwide since the beginning of this year. Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 470,700 (June 2014: 515,000; -8.6 percent) vehicles to customers in June.

The brand delivered 891,200 (864,200; +3.1 percent) vehicles on the overall European market in the first six months. Volkswagen Passenger Cars handed over 100,900 (127,100; -20.7 percent) vehicles to customers in Central and Eastern Europe in the period to June; this situation is chiefly attributable to the downturn in Russia. At 36,600 (67,400; -45.7 percent) units, deliveries on the Russian market were almost halved.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 291,500 (282,600) units in the North America region in the period to June, representing an increase of 3.2 percent – mainly driven by double-digit growth in Canada and Mexico. 174,400 (179,100; -2.6 percent) customers in the United States chose a new vehicle from the Volkswagen brand during the same period. There was a further sharp drop on the overall market in South America, where the situation remains tense. The Volkswagen brand was not immune to this development, delivering 247,900 (317,400; -21.9 percent) vehicles in the region from January to June, of which 184,900 (255,700; -27.7 percent) units were handed over to customers in Brazil.

The market situation in China was also challenging: for the first time in several years the overall Chinese market took a downturn in June. “The market in China is changing. As the market leader we could not escape the effects of these overall developments. Qualitative growth nevertheless remains one of our key goals”, Klingler added. In light of market conditions, the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand handed over 1.30 (1.39; ‑6.7 percent) million vehicles in China during the first six months. As a result of the downturn in China, deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region totaled 1.41 (1.50; ‑6.1 percent) million vehicles.