Volkswagen Shows European Passat in Police Trim

For the first time, Volkswagen has shown a preview of the new Passat in police uniform. Recently on the market, the latest generation of the Passat looks to continue it’s career as the most popular patrol cars sold in Germany during 2015. The vehicle meets all operational-tactical requirements with the typical blue-silver appearance, special signal conditioning and digital radio. As an outlook into the future, the Passat GTE police car comes standard with the latest plug-in hybrid technology. Whether purely electric, environmentally friendly and almost silently, or with powerful 218 hp, up to 400 Nm of torque and over 1000 km range- the Passat GTE is ready for any application.

For years, the Passat is one of the perennial favorites in the German registration statistics. With the latest generation, the Passat is fit for everyday police work and prepared him for all possible scenarios. Extra features of the emergency vehicle aside from the blue-silver exterior color include a modern digital radio, a special signaling system on the roof and a gun rack in the passenger door. As a Variant, the Passat will also allow sufficient space for the required in everyday police equipment such as warning lights or traffic cones.

The study provides guests a plug-in hybrid view of how to use alternative propulsion vehicles and by the authorities. Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel had recently announced at an event at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg, federal, state and local governments have a special responsibility in electric mobility going forward. This study shows the second Volkswagen in a pioneering role. Already in service is the e-Golf as a police emergency vehicle, which was handed over to the police in October.

The new Passat is one of the most innovative cars in its class, with the GTE offering zero-emission transportation and long-range vehicle in one. Plug-in Hybrid is the combination of a Turbobenzindirekteinspritzers (TSI) with an electric motor that is powered by an external chargeable lithium-ion battery. Thanks to this battery, the Passat GTE can travel up to 50 kilometers in pure electric mode, emission-free.

Important: The driver can drive the electric-only mode (“E” mode) via a button next to the gearshift knob manually – for silently approaching suspects.  To chase it goes against it in the “GTE” mode, in which the Passat uses a maximum system output of 160 kW / 218 hp and can reach speeds over 220 km / h.  In combination with a completely filled 50-gallon tank and a fully charged battery, the GTE has a range of over 1000 kilometers – more than sufficient for every police action.

Source: dpp-car Reporter / wpr

Translation by VWvortex